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AboutOur passion is elevating property management.

Our story

We know the rental market. We’ve lived both sides and now we want to make it better.

The team at Habit8 has been working in real estate for over a decade, and we’ve lived as both tenants and landlords. We’ve experienced the stress of managing properties, the confusing and ever changing laws and regulations, the balance of landlord-tenant relationships, and the challenge of finding the perfect place to rent. 

What have we learned? Many of the struggles in rental housing can be solved through better management. So that’s exactly what we’re doing.

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Our core values We go above and beyond in everything we do.

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We Make Renting Good

We believe landlords and tenants deserve the same level of service, respect, and quality as a homeowner.

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Sustainability First

We understand that a well functioning rental housing ecosystem needs not only economic logic but also care for society and our environment.

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Always Accountable

Recognizing the trust placed in us, we own our actions, decisions, and outcomes. We ensure to deliver on promises, rectify missteps, and continually improve.

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The Habit8 TeamDedicated, passionate, and reliable.

portrait of robin fan, founder and property manager of habit8 Property Management

Robin Fan
Founder & Property Manager

Robin has worked in property for over ten years, focusing on sales, leasing, asset management, and property management. He’s been both a tenant and a landlord, and knows both sides of the rental management story. Robin is driven by the view that rental housing is an integral part of the housing supply and can and should be better for everyone involved—all it takes is some dedicated management.

Hey, Property Owners

Guess what? We’re here to make your job easy.

Hey, Tenants

Guess what? We’re here to help you find the perfect home.